Ivan Naumov
Research Scientist
(202) 478-8942

Ivan Naumov’s research interests are in theoretical modeling and understanding of real materials with considerable fundamental and/or technological relevance. Using first-principles density functional methods, ab-initio derived Hamiltonian approach coupled with Monte-Carlo simulations, and other techniques, he explores a broad array of structural, electronic, vibrational, and transport properties of materials such as ferroelectrics, superconductors, shape-memory alloys and graphene-based nanostructures.

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Washington, DC— New work from Carnegie’s Russell Hemley and Ivan Naumov hones in on the physics underlying the recently discovered fact that some metals stop being metallic under pressure. Their work is published in Physical Review Letters.
High Pressure
Washington, DC, December 16, 2014—New work from Carnegie's Ivan Naumov and Russell Hemley delves into the chemistry underlying some surprising recent observations about hydrogen, and reveals remarkable parallels between hydrogen and graphene under extreme pressures.
High Pressure
Washington, DC— Hydrogen is deceptively simple. It has only a single electron per atom, but it powers the sun and forms the majority of the observed universe. As such, it is naturally exposed to the entire range of pressures and temperatures available in the whole cosmos.