Former GL postdoc Sarah Stewart was awarded a prestigious MacArthur fellowship for: “Advancing new theories of how celestial collisions give birth to planets and their natural satellites, such as the Earth and Moon.”

The Geophysical Laboratory invites applications for Carnegie Postdoctoral Fellowships.

A new Venture Grant has been awarded to the Geophysical Laboratory’s Dionysis Foustoukos and Sue Rhee of the Department of Plant Biology, with colleague Costantino Vetriani of Rutgers University for their project Deciphering Life Functions in Extreme Environments.


Venkata Srinu Bhadram in Timothy Strobel’s lab at the Geophysical Laboratory (GL) will receive the ninth Postdoctoral Innovation and Excellence Award (PIE). These awards are made through nominations from the departments and are chosen by the Office of the President. The recipients are awarded a cash prize for their exceptionally creative approaches to science, strong mentoring, and contributing to the sense of campus community.


Carnegie Science interim Co-Presidents John Mulchaey and Yixian Zheng are thrilled to welcome experimental petrologist Michael Walter as the new Director of Carnegie's Geophysical Laboratory.  


Mary Ferranti is the archives technical assistant for GL and DTM.  Mary holds a master's degree in archival management from Columbia University and has extensive experience working with historic documents, architectural records, photographs, and rare books.  She held positions at Yale, Columbia,


Javier Rojas is a mechanical engineer working with Tim Strobel.  Rojas holds a Masters in Mechanical Engineering from Florida International University.  He has professional experience with microelectronic controls, design optimization, 3D modeling and simulation.  At the Geophysical Laboratory, R

GL hosted a one day workshop on iron meteorites for scientists from the DC area.

High Pressure

The AGU Fall Meeting 2017 will take place in New Orleans, LA from December 11-15.  Many staff members and postdoctoral associates from the Geophysical Laboratory will attend this year.  

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Department, Mineralogy

On October 13, 2017, Geophysical Laboratory Staff Scientist and Deep Carbon Observatory Executive Director Robert Hazen was awarded Honorary Membership in the Russian Mineralogical Society (RMS) for his “outstanding contributions to crystal chemistry of minerals under extreme conditions and theor