FEI Helios G4 PFIB

Contact: Suzy Vitale
Location: A-G22B

Installed in early 2018, our newest addition to the microscopy facility is the FEI Helios G4 PFIB, a dual beam Xe+ plasma FIB/SEM.  This state-of-the-art instrument is used for nano-to-milli-scale milling, patterning, 3D slice-and-view imaging, and TEM sample preparation of materials.  It is equipped with a full suite of electron detectors for electron and ion imaging: in-chamber secondary electron (SE), backscattered electron (BSE), and secondary ion (SI) detectors, an in-column BSE detector, a retractable concentric BSE detector, and a STEM detector for imaging electron transparent materials.  This instrument can prepare a TEM lamella from the bulk and go directly to STEM imaging without breaking vacuum to accommodate air sensitive materials.  It is also equipped with a cryo stage for beam sensitive and/or biological materials.  As with most FIB/SEMs, the Helios has a micromanipulator, a gas injection system (W deposition and Dx diamond etch), and a plasma cleaner.