General Laboratory Safety Rules:

  1. You are the person most responsible for your personal safety.
  2. If you observe others around you operating in an unsafe manner you are required to inform them of the problem.  If they continue, bring the issue up with your supervisor or members of the Safety committee.
  3. All laboratories and facilities on the Broad Branch Rd. campus are controlled areas.  Access to, and permission to operate in, any laboratory must be granted by the Person in charge of the laboratory or facility.  
  4. Specific safety training is required prior to working in any laboratory or facility.
  5. Prior to working with any chemicals, study the MSDS sheets to gain awareness of toxicity, reactivity, and other potentially dangerous properties of a given chemical.
  6. If you have any concerns regarding the safety of specific laboratory procedure. Stop immediately and consult with the laboratory supervisor.  If safety concerns persist, contact the GL Safety Committee.
  7. All chemical waste must be stored in properly labeled containers until chemical waste pick-up is arranged.
  8. All containers in laboratories must be labeled clearly, for example, a flask containing water must be labeled “Water” or “H2O”.
  9. Never pour any chemicals into sink-drains.
  10. Proper attire, including proper personal protective equipment, is required in all laboratories.
  11. Food and drink are not permitted in laboratories.
  12. Report all accidents and near accidents to GL Safety committee.
  13. Check specific laboratory procedures regarding working alone in the laboratory after normal business hours.
  14. Understand emergency procedures and know where to find emergency contact information for each controlled space.