Hydrothermal Instrumentation

Contact: Dionysis Foustoukos
Location: R-237

The instrumentation for hydrothermal experiments at elevated temperatures and pressures (T< 600 °C, P < 400 MPa) includes

1) Six cold seal pressure vessels

2) two flexible Au/Ti reaction cells (50 ml, T < 400 °C, P < 50 MPa)

3) One zirconium pressure vessel (300 ml, T<150 °C).

4) Benchtop stirred continuous culture bioreactor capable of withstanding temperatures ranging from 25 to 120°C and pressures as high as 69 MPa. The system is configured to allow the employment of media enriched in dissolved gases, under oxic or anoxic conditions, while permitting periodic sampling of the incubated organisms with minimal physical/chemical disturbance inside the reactor. Contact Person: Dionysis Foustoukos, Location: Research Building R237, Restrictions: Special Training Required