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The AGU Fall Meeting 2013 took place in San Francisco, CA from December 9-13.  Many staff members and postdoctoral associates from the Geophysical Laboratory attended this year.  Check here daily for live updates on each day's science presentations. For a live stream of conference photos, click here.

Sunday, December 8

Photo Stream from the Carnegie Reception at the Marriott Marquis:

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Monday, December 9


Yingwei Fei spoke about "Thermal Equation of State of Iron: Constraint on the Density Deficit of Earth's Core," this morning.

Bob Hazen discussed "Data-Driven Abductive Discovery in the Earth Sciences," at his invited talk this morning.

Caitlin Murphy detailed "Probing the Hydrogen Sublattice of FeHx with High-Pressure Neutron Diffraction," during the Chemistry and Physics of Earth's Lower Mantle and Core session.

Derek Smith, former Geophysical Laboratory predoctoral associate, presented his poster "Ecologically and Geologically Relevant Isotope Signatures of C, N, and S in Okenone Producing Purple Sulfur Bacteria."

Postdoctoral associate Ileana Perez-Rodriguez showed off her poster, "Isotopic signatures associated with growth and metabolic activities of chemosynthetic nitrate-reducing microbes from deep-sea hydrothermal vents."

Christopher Glein, a postdoctoral associate with George Cody, detailed his poster "Rapid carbon-carbon bond formation and cleavage revealed by carbon isotope exchange between the carboxyl carbon and inorganic carbon in hydrothermal fluids," to conference goers this afternoon.

Postdoctoral fellow Matthieu Galvez and staff member Doug Rumble presented their poster "Dissolution mediated boron and carbom storage during exhumation of HP metapelites."

Current postdoctoral associate Sergey Lobanov and alum Stewart McWilliams both discussed new science during the Planetary Impacts and Interiors From Experiments and Theory session. Lobanov presented "Melting and chemical reactivity of hydrocarbons under high pressure and temperature," and McWilliams detailed "Toward measurements of volatile behavior at realistic pressure and temperature conditions in planetary deep interiors" for his invited talk.


Tuesday, December 10


Postdoctoral associate Yuki Shibazaki presented his poster "In situ X-ray observations of the melting relations in the Fe-S-H system under high pressure and high temperature" this morning.

CDAC student Josh Townsend detailed his poster "Hydrogen in Earths Lowermost Mantle" for conference attendees this morning.

Cecile Feuillie kicked of this morning's talks during the Dynamics of the Interaction Between Microbes and Environment Under Changes: Characterization, Adaptation, Control, and Selection session with her talk "Interaction of ribonucleotides with oxide and silicate minerals under varying environmental conditions."

Staff member Alexander Goncharov displayed his poster "Methane and ethane at high pressures: structure and stability" for the start of the afternoon poster sessions.

Anat Shahar, GL staff member, exhibited her poster "Light element controlled iron isotope fractionation in planetary cores" during the Planetary Impacts and Interiors From Experiments and Theory poster session.


Wednesday, December 11


Wenge Yang, HPCAT,  explains his poster "Pressure induced HP/LP phase boundary investigation in BiNiO3 system using nanoscale tomography" to the gathering crown this morning.

Kirill Zhuravlev, collaborator with Alex Goncharov and former GL postdoctoral associate, exhibits his poster on "Vibrational, elastic, and structural properties of cubic silicon carbide under pressure up to 75 GPa and temperature up to 773K: implication for a primary pressure scale," during the Advanced Techniques for Experimental Geophysics and Mineralogyposter session.

HPCAT beamline scientist, Yoshio Kono, jump started this morning's talks with his presentation on "Low viscosity of carbonate melts determined by falling sphere viscometry using ultrafast x-ray imaging at high pressures up to 6 GPa."

Liwei Deng, postdoctoral fellow, enticed the crowd with her invited talk on "Low viscosity of carbonate melts determined by falling sphere viscometry using ultrafast x-ray imaging at high pressures up to 6 GPa."


Thursday, December 12


Research Scientist Vincenzo Stagno's poster about "Back-Transformation kinetics in the MgSiO3 system at upper mantle conditions" was on display for this morning's poster session.

Bob Hazen presented his research on "Mineralogical Evidence for Subsurface Oxygenation Following the Great Oxidation Event" at the Earth System Oxygenation: An Inside Job? session.

Visiting investigator Takamitsu Yamanaka presented his poster on “A new high-pressure phase of Fe2SiO4 and the relationship between spin and structural transitions” during the Constraints and Uncertainties on the Composition, Structure, and Dynamics of the Earth's Lithosphere, Upper Mantle, and Transition Zone From Multidisciplinary Studies poster session.

Yoshio Kono, HPCAT, discussed “Toward comprehensive studies of liquids at high pressures and high temperatures: Integration of structure and property measurements in a Paris-Edinburgh cell” during his invited talk this evening.

Charles Zeng, HPCAT and HPSynC collaborator, detailed his research on “Non-Cubic Power-law Scaling of Density in Metallic Glasses” during his invited talk.

Research scientist John Armstrong presented his research on “New Capabilities in the Analysis of Sub-micrometer Regions in Geological Materials with the Field Emission Electron Microprobe,” during the Innovations and Challenges in Microanalysis and Isotope Mass Spectrometry session.

Friday, December 13


Li Zhang attracts a crowd with her post "Disproportionation of (Mg,Fe)SiO3 into MgSiO3 perovskite and an Fe-rich hexagonal silicate in the deep lower mantle" on Friday morning.

Cailtin Murphy presents her invited talk "Complementary Vibrational Spectroscopy Investigations of Iron and Iron-Bearing Minerals," during the Advanced Techniques for Experimental Geophysics and Mineralogy IV: Spectroscopy and Applications session.

Xiao-Ming Liu, postdoctoral associate, closes out the conference with her talk on "Li isotopes reflect chemical weathering intensity in streams and ground waters draining basalts."

Michelle Scholtes, 12 December 2013

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