Yoko Imai, a Japanese artist based in Paris, has developed unique calligraphy based on mixing pearl ink with small quantities of diamond synthesized at the Geophysical Laboratory.

The artwork is on display in Paris and is being used in various publications.

Imai developed unique creations over the past few years by blending pearl powder with normal Chinese ink. Last year, she began to use diamond ‘dust’ provided by Yufei Meng of the Geophysical Laboratory. This diamond dust - actually very small single crystals - made her calligraphy sparkle even more brightly with the reflected light. 

Shortly afterwards, a French chef named Dominique Bouchet provided her the opportunity to exhibit the calligraphy at his restaurant and gallery. Several pieces have been created for individuals, for a champagne label, for a logo for a Belgian company, and for a book to be published in Tokyo. Mr. Bouchet subsequently proposed a permanent exhibition of her work at both his restaurant and gallery. Now, strongly encouraged as a promising artist by Ambassadors Yutaka Iimura and Tadamichi Yamamoto, Yoko Imai continues to refine her technique, thanks to the diamond ‘dust’ from Carnegie.

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