GL alum Li Zhang received the Shen-su Sun Award at the 2017 Goldschmidt conference based on her work of the, "Discovery of an Fe-Rich Hydrous Phase in the Deep Lower Mantle." The Shen-su Sun Award is to recognize exceptional geoscientists younger than 40 years, who work in mainland China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong in commemoration of late Dr. Shen-su Sun for his pioneering and tremendous contributions to the geochemistry of the solid Earth and mantle dynamics, and for his unselfish and boundless mentorship to younger generations of scientists in the field of Geochemistry. This Award is presented by the Shen-Su Sun Foundation.

Zhang started at GL as a predoc in 2004 for one year. She returned as a postdoctoral associate from 2007-11, and then became a research scientist until 2014.  Currently, Zhang is an staff scientist at the Center for High Pressure Science and Technology Advanced Research (HPSTAR) in Shanghai. 

Read all about her reaction to receiving the prestigious award here; in an interview conducted by another GL alum, Sami Mikhail.  Congratulations, Li!

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