Despite their beautiful new jerseys, the DTM Dynamos came up a bit short on Friday against their cross-campus rivals, our very own GL Pistons, who defended their title of the coveted MudCup! DTM dominated the first half, earning nearly a dozen corner kicks and one penalty kick. DTM forward Tolu Olugboji kept pressure on the GL defense all half, rarely letting the Pistons pass the ball across half field. But on one occasion, GL Pistons captain Sergey Lobanov chased the ball down at the sideline, sprinted past defenders, and passed the ball gently into the left side of the net. The DTM sideline erupted in disbelief, claiming that the ball was out-of-bounds. But without instant replay, and knowing the uncertainties inherent in determining the position of fast-moving objects, the wise referee elected to let the goal stand, much to the delight of the GL sideline. Near the end of the first half, the Dynamos managed to poke the ball into the back of the net following an errant pass between GL defenders, and the half ended in a 1-1 tie.


The GL Pistons dominated the second half, weaving the ball through the midfield and relentlessly pressuring the DTM defense for the first 15 minutes. On one such occasion, GL's Piers Kirk combined with Nick Holtgrewe, Zack Geballe and Sergey Lobanov on three short passes for a ferocious shot straight past the DTM goalkeeper, Conel Alexander. The game ended with many desperate attempts by the heroic DTM midfielders and forwards to break down the GL defense, but to no avail.

Most importantly, there was lots of cheering and jeering from the sidelines, making the outing feel like a real soccer match. Eyewitnesses report Trong Nguyen promising a pay-raise to all GL players, but no hard evidence has been submitted to George and Jeff, so the promise will likely go unfulfilled this year.

The two teams joined for celebratory pizza and beer on the Broad Branch Road campus after the match, and were joined by the hard-working employees who opted to work instead of joining the match.

Until next year, GL will bask in the glow of the MudCup victory!

Check out more photos here.

Written by Zack Geballe, 2016

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