Washington, DC, 4 February 2014—An article by the Geophysical Laboratory's Reinhard Boehler and Malcolm Guthrie has been named one of Taylor & Francis' Top 10 Materials Science articles for 2013.  

The article, "Large-volume diamond cells for neutron diffraction above 90 GPa," highlights a new design of strongly supported conical diamond anvils for neutron diffraction that has reached 94 GPa with an extrodinarily large sample volume. This sample volume is sufficient to measure full neutron-diffraction patterns of D2O–ice to this pressure at the high flux Spallation Neutrons and Pressure beamline at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory. This provides an almost fourfold extension of the previous pressure regime for such measurements. 

The same device will likely have other applications in high pressure materials science, in particular for synchrotron x-ray work and synthesis.

Congratulations Reini and Malcolm!


Caption (left): R. Boehler and M. Guthrie mounting the new diamond cell on the neutron beamline. Right: View looking along the neutron beam. At the center of the image is a cryostat that has been used to achieve extremely low temperatures. A low thermal mass is another advantage of the new design. 

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