Geophysical Laboratory alum Yoko Kebukawa was awarded the Geochemical Society of Japan Award for Young Researcher.  This award honors outstanding contributions to the advancement of geochemistry, cosmochemistry and environmental sciences. 

Dr. Kebukawa joined the Geophysical Laboratory as a Carnegie fellow from 2009-11, followed by a Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) fellow from 2011-13 at the laboratory working with George Cody.  While here, Yoko made a number of significant discoveries about the nature of extraterrestrial organic solids in primitive solar system objects.  Yoko is currently an Associate Professor at Yokohama National University in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering and continues exploring the history of the early Solar System as recorded in extraterrestrial organic matter.



Caption: Yoko Kebukawa (second from left) accepts her award.

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