Research made by the Curiosity science team made Discover Magazine's number one science story of 2013. Geophysical Laboratory's Andrew Steele is part of the Science team, specifically with the Sample Analysis at Mars (SAM) team, hunting for signs of organic molecules on Mars.

The story highlights everything from the landing of the rover, to convincing evidence that the planet was once habitable, as well as clues about why life on Mars (if ever present) may have died out.  Check out the full story here.


Above: The SAM Planetary Protection team standing behind SAM (Sample Analysis at Mars instrument from Goddard Space Flight Center). Pictured from Left to Right: Jen Eigenbrode (Goddard), Andrew Steele (Geophysical Laboratory), Lauren Kerr (Carnegie Institution of Washington), and Danny Glavin (SAM PP lead, Goddard). Photo courtesy of Andrea Jones.  Feature Image: Mars Rover Curiosity taking a "selfie" on the Red Planet (Image Courtesy of NASA JPL).


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