On Tuesday, 9 May 2017, the Geophysical Laboratory and DTM employees gathered at the Greenewalt buildilng to present recent results to one another using posters and demonstrations for the Third Annual Broad Branch Road Poster Session! All together, there were forty-one presentations, including four demonstrations and one video presentation. Researchers presented new data ranging from the direct imaging of exoplanets, to the precision isotope measurements, and calculations of transition states in silicon. While most presentations used a combination of graphs, photos and schematics to explain their work, some attempted to explain their work interactively, with props such as a wheel-of-fortune style spinning arrow, a Where's Waldo-style exoplanet searching game, a high-frequency hearing test, and a build-your-own spectrometer station. Organized by postdoctoral associates Zack Geballe, Miki Nakajima, and Erika Nesvold - it was a wonderful event enjoyed by all.  Just goes to show that fun can be had in Greenewalt without karaoke and ping-pong!

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