Optical Spectroscopy System for DAC

Contact: Alexander Goncharov
Location: R-140

Alexander Goncharov has set up an optical system, which allows to measure optical properties of the materials in the DAC in a wide spectral range (650-40,000 cm -1 ). The system includes a Fourier transform (FT) near and mid-IR spectrometer (600-10,000 cm -1 ), and a single-stage grating spectrographs with multichannel detectors (Acton 500i Pro spectrograph with CCD detector) (Fig. 2). Recently, we have purchased a commercial supercontinuum visible-near IR light source (Pegasus from Leukos), which enables spatial probing down to few microns in the 400-2400 nm spectral range. The system has all-mirror optics making it chromatically aberration-free and capable to measure the transmission and reflectivity spectra of samples with the spatial resolution of 15 m.