Shaun Hardy
(202) 478-7960

Shaun Hardy manages the joint research library of the Geophysical Laboratory and DTM and oversees the departments’ archives. As campus librarian he designs and implements information programs and services to support the departments’ scientific, administrative, and technical staff.

Prior to coming to the Carnegie Institution in 1990 Shaun served as chief librarian of the Buffalo Museum of Science in Buffalo, NY. He is active professionally in the Geoscience Information Society and the Physics-Astronomy-Math Division of the Special Libraries Association. He currently serves on the American Geological Institute’s GeoRef Advisory Committee and on the American Institute of Physics’ Advisory Committee for History of Physics.

He holds degrees in geological sciences and physics from the University of Rochester and in library and information studies from the State University of New York at Buffalo.

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Congratulations to Geophysical Laboratory/DTM Librarian, Shaun Hardy, who was just selected to receive the 2016 Mary B. Ansari Distinguished Service Award of the Geoscience Information Society!
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