Bjørn Mysen
Staff Scientist
(202) 478-8975

Bjørn O. Mysen's areas of research include experimental high-temperature and pressure analyses, investigations into the properties and processes of rock-formation and related materials with an emphasis on melting. He is also interested in examining the phase relations of mantle materials, fluids in melting processes, the properties and structure of melts and glasses, element partitioning between minerals, fluids and melts at high-pressures and temperatures. He obtained a Ph.D in geochemistry from Pennsylvania State University in 1974, and a BSc and MA from University of Oslo in 1969 and 1971.

Areas of interest: 

Related News

A team of scientists including the Geophysical Laboratory’s Michael Ackerson and Bjørn Mysen revealed that granites from Yosemite National Park contain minerals that crystallized at much lower temperatures than previously thought possible. This finding upends scientific understanding of how granites form and what they can teach us about our planet’s geologic history.
The Fellowship was awarded, "For outstanding contributions to experimental petrology especially to the structures, properties, and elemental partitioning behavior of magmas and fluids at high pressure and temperature, and also for his continuing initiatives to activate the Japanese Geoscience Union and its International Journal, Progress in Earth and Planetary Science (PEPS)”.