Mijanur Rahaman
Postdoctoral Fellow
(202) 478-2371

Mijanur Rahaman is a postdoctoral associate at the Geophysical Laboratory. He is working with Ron Cohen on the study on ferroelectrics, multiferroics, relaxor ferroelectrics, and piezoelectric materials using first-principles calculations and experiments. Additionally, he is interested in the ABO3-type perovskite structure and their derivatives are of great importance, because of their interesting properties such as ferroelectricity, relaxor ferroelectrics, multiferroicity, and piezoelectricity that can be tailored by the substitution of different elements into their crystallographic equivalent sites. Recently, the aging phenomenon, a time-dependent change in piezoelectric, dielectric, and ferroelectric properties, is one of the current topics in materials science that are strongly related to the reliability of the device application of these materials. He is also interested to clarify the microscopic origin of the aging in ferroelectric materials; and to perform first-principles calculations of these materials to study their electronic, optical, and elastic properties as well.

Areas of interest: