High Pressure

Yuan Yin is a Visiting Investigator from the Institute of Geochemistry at the Chinese Academy of Sciences in China.

High Pressure

Yunxiu Li joins GL as a Visiting Investigator from Peking University in China.

High Pressure, Materials

Dr. Mingguang Yao is a Visiting Investigator for one year from Jilin University. He is working with Alexander Goncharov on structures and properties of carbon, boron/nitrogen and their compounds under high pressure. 

Geochemistry, High Pressure, Materials

Dr. Piotr Guńka will be a Visiting Investigator for the next year from the Warsaw University of Technology. He will be working with Timothy Strobel on hydrogen and helium inclusion compounds of main group elements oxides formed under high pressure. 

Geochemistry, High Pressure, Matter at Extreme States

Carnegie Postdoctoral Fellow, 


Reynold E. Silber of Yale University will present on "Electrical resistivity of nickel, iron and iron-silicon alloy melts at high pressure with implications for the thermal conductivity of the Earth’s core."

High Pressure, Matter at Extreme States

Geophysical Laboratory Staff Scientist Dr. Sally June Tracy applies cutting edge experimental and analytical techniques to interrogate the fundamental physical behavior of materials at extreme conditions.


The Geophysical Laboratory's weekly seminar series continues with DuckYoung Kim of the Center for High-Pressure Science and Technology Advanced Research (HPSTAR).

High Pressure, Planetary Science

Lin Wang is a Carnegie fellow at the Geophysical Laboratory.  He is working with Yingwei Fei on the connectivity of iron sulfide liquid in a Bridgemanite matrix.  Wang is also interested in the rheology of Earth's materials and high pressure generation.  Prior to the Geophysical Laboratory, Wang

High Pressure, Planetary Science