Geochemistry, Materials, Mineralogy

Shuang Zhang joins us from Yale University, where he worked as a Postdoctoral Associate with Dr. Noah Planavsky after completing his Ph.D. Prior to Yale, he received his B.S. from Peking University. 


Dr. Rama K. Vasudevan of Oak Ridge National Laboratory will present on "Machine and Deep Learning for Materials Science: Current State and Future Prospects." 


Active materials can interchange types of energy. In a new cover article in the journal molecules, Geophysical Lab Staff Scientist Ronald Cohen and his colleague Haiwu Zhang report on predictions of a new class of polar metallocene crystals, which may be useful as active materials.

High Pressure, Materials

Dr. Mingguang Yao is a Visiting Investigator for one year from Jilin University. He is working with Alexander Goncharov on structures and properties of carbon, boron/nitrogen and their compounds under high pressure. 

Geochemistry, High Pressure, Materials

Dr. Piotr Guńka will be a Visiting Investigator for the next year from the Warsaw University of Technology. He will be working with Timothy Strobel on hydrogen and helium inclusion compounds of main group elements oxides formed under high pressure. 


Anton Oliynyk presented on "Accelerating the Discovery of Solid State Materials: From Traditional to Machine-Learning Approaches." Intermetallic compounds are bestowed by diverse compositions, complex structures, and useful properties for many materials


Reynold E. Silber of Yale University will present on "Mystery of transport properties of liquid transition metals and alloys along the melting boundaries - Implications for terrestrial cores.”

Geochemistry, Planetary Science

The Geophysical Laboratory's weekly seminar series continues with Joe Michael of Sandia National Laboratory. He will present, "Electron backscatter diffraction in materials and planetary sciences: From welds to iron meteorites."

High Pressure, Materials, Matter at Extreme States

New work from a team led by the Geophysical Laboratory’s Alexander Goncharov confirms that nitrogen, the dominant gas in Earth’s atmosphere, becomes a metallic fluid when subjected to the extreme pressure and temperature conditions found deep inside the Earth and other planets. Their findings are published by Nature Communications.