Planetary Science

Dr. Esteban Gazel of Cornell University delivered a seminar on "Sampling the transition zone below Bermuda." His seminar included unpublished results, so his talk was not recorded.

Planetary Science

Dr. Michael P. Ryan of The Magma Physics Project delivered a seminar on The 2018 Eruptions of Kilauea Volcano, Hawai'i.

Geochemistry, Planetary Science

Dr. Xike "Nicole" Nie comes to GL from the University of Chicago. For the next two years, Nie will be working with Dr.

Geochemistry, High Pressure, Materials, Mineralogy, Planetary Science

Dr. Elena Bykova is a new Carnegie Postdoctoral Fellow at GL.

Planetary Science

We stand at an epochal moment in human history – we are about to learn if we are alone in the universe. The Kepler Space Telescope has shown that Earth-like worlds are commonplace.

Planetary Science

A system of categorization that reflects not just a mineral's chemistry and crystalline structure, but also the physical, chemical, or biological processes by which it formed, would be capable of recognizing that nanodiamonds from space are fundamentally different from diamonds formed in Earth's depths.

High Pressure

Dr. Oded Navon of The Fredy & Nadine Herrmann Institute of Earth Sciences at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem presented on "Diamond forming fluids: Diamond formation and other mantle processes."

Planetary Science

Celia Dalou of Centre de Recherches Pétrographiques et Géochimiques (CRPG) presented on "Redox effects on N speciation, elementary and isotopic fractionation during planetary core forma

Astrobiology, Planetary Science

Catharine “Cassie” Conley joins us from NASA as a visiting scientist working with Andrew Steele.