Planetary Science

Our Broad Branch Road Spring Neighborhood Lecture Series continues with DTM's Dr. Conel M. O'D. Alexander.  Alexander will present, "Rocks from Space: Be Grateful and a Little Afraid." 

Mineralogy, Planetary Science

Shaunna Morrison is a Research Scientist from the University of Arizona.  She is working with Bob Hazen on mineral network analysis, mineral ecology, mineral evolution and the Mars Science Laboratory mission.

Astrobiology, Department, Geochemistry, High Pressure, Materials, Mineralogy, Planetary Science

The AGU Fall Meeting 2016 will take place in San Francisco, CA from December 12-17.  Many staff members and postdoctoral associates from the Geophysical Laboratory will attend this year.  

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Planetary Science

The Geophysical Laboratory's weekly seminar series continues with our own Asmaa Boujibar.  She will present, "Reducing conditions in the inner Solar System, as witnessed by Mercury and Earth."

High Pressure, Planetary Science

Washington, DC— Did you know that there are at least 17 crystalline forms of ice, many of them formed under extreme pressures, such as those found in the interiors of frozen planets? New work from a team led by Carnegie’s Timothy Strobel has identified the structure of a new type of ice crystal that resembles the mineral quartz and is stuffed with over five weight percent of energy-rich hydrogen molecules, which is a long-standing Department of Energy goal for hydrogen storage.  

High Pressure, Planetary Science

Asmaa Boujibar is a Carnegie Fellow from NASA Johnson Space Center. She is interested in the origin of the chemical heterogeneities of extraterrestrial material and the formation of terrestrial planets of our Solar System and exoplanets from beyond.

Planetary Science

Congratulations to the Geophysical Laboratory's own Stephen Elardo on receiving NASA's Early Career Fellowship!

Astrobiology, Planetary Science

Andrew Steele uses traditional and biotechnological approaches for the detection of microbial life in astrobiology and solar system exploration. He received a Ph.D. in biotechnology from the University of Portsmouth, U.K. in 1996, and a B.S.

Geochemistry, Planetary Science

Dionysis Foustoukos is an experimental geochemist studying the evolution of geofluids in a wide range of natural environments.

Geochemistry, High Pressure, Planetary Science

Anat Shahar's research focuses on stable isotope geochemistry at high pressure and/or temperature. She conducts high P/T experiments and traces the isotopes to answer questions that span from the formation of the first solids in the solar system to the formation of the cores of planets.