Stable Isotope Facilities

Contact: Dionysis Foustoukos
Location: R-228

The stable isotope lab is equipped to provide high precision-high accuracy stable isotopic analysis of a broad range of materials including gasses, solutions, and solids and inorganics and organics. Currently we support a

1.)Thermo Scientific Delta VPlus mass spectrometer interfaced with a CE Instruments NA 2500 series elemental analyzer (EA), and a Elementar vario Pyro cube to facilitate high-temperature pyrolysis (1500 °C).

2.)Thermo Quest Finnigan DeltaPlus XL mass spectrometer coupled to a Thermo Finnigan thermal conversion elemental analyzer (TC/EA), and to a Trace GC Ultra through a GS Isolink-II.

Contact Person: Dionysis Foustoukos, Location: Research Building R228, Restrictions: Special Training Required