High Pressure, Planetary Science

Washington, DC— The mantles of Earth and other rocky planets are rich in magnesium and oxygen. Due to its simplicity, the mineral magnesium oxide is a good model for studying the nature of planetary interiors.

Geochemistry, High Pressure, Materials

Washington, DC, 26 November 2012 -- The Geophysical Laboratory’s Stewart McWilliams and his team find evidence that alters our understanding of planetary evolution.


Washington, DC--Researchers at the Carnegie Institution have discovered a new efficient way to pump heat using crystals.

High Pressure, Materials

Washington, DC—Carnegie scientists are the first to discover the conditions under which nickel oxide can turn into an electricity-conducting metal.

High Pressure, Materials

Washington, DC — A team of scientists led by Carnegie’s Lin Wang has observed a new form of very hard carbon clusters, which are unusual in their mix of crystalline and disordered structure. The material is capable of indenting diamond.


Washington, DC — In order to understand Earth's earliest history--its formation from Solar System material into the present-day layering of metal core and mantle, and crust--scientists look to meteorites.

Planetary Science

Washington, DC, 12 July 2012 — New research led by Carnegie scientists indicates that frozen water distributed throughout much of the early Solar System is the source of water on Earth. 

Mineralogy, Planetary Science

Washington, DC — Mineral evolution posits that Earth’s near-surface mineral diversity gradually increased through an array of chemical and biological processes.

Astrobiology, Planetary Science

Washington, DC — Molecules containing large chains of carbon and hydrogen--the building blocks of all life on Earth--have been the targets of missions to Mars from Viking to the present day.

High Pressure

Washington, DC, 4 May 2012- A collaborative experimental effort with Carnegie researchers has discovered unknown properties of a computer memory material that will allow for faster data transfer with a higher capacity of data stored.