Planetary Science

Dr. Craig Bina of Northwestern University delivered a seminar on "Some Thermo-Petrological Effects on Subduction Dynamics."


Dr. Matthieu Galvez of ETH in Zurich delivered a special Wednesday seminar entitled, "How Mountains React and Breathe."


Washington, DC—Human industry and ingenuity has done more to diversify and distribute minerals on Earth than any development since the rise of oxygen over 2.2 billion years ago, experts say in a paper published today. The work bolsters the scientific argument to officially designate a new geological time interval distinguished by the pervasive impact of human activities: the Anthropocene Epoch.


The Geophysical Laboratory's weekly seminar series continues with Rebecca Lange from the University of Michigan.  She will present, "Timescales and mechanisms for voluminous high-silica rhyolite melt generation - insights into supervolcano eruptions and differentiation within granitoid batholiths."

The Geophysical Laboratory's weekly seminar series continues with Eli Moore from the Department of Marine and Coastal Sciences at Rutgers.  He will present, "Global Redox Influence on Metal Availability, the Evolution of Archean Metabolisms, and the Search for Ancient Proteins."


Washington, DC, 15 September 2011- New research provides direct evidence that the carbon from the Earth's surface can cycle deep into the mantle and then brought back.