The Geophysical Laboratory's Jinanjun Ying and Viktor Struzhkin were part of a team that has recently reported a superconducting state in a honeycomb lattice of iron atoms, which opens up a new structural playground for iron-based superconductivity. So far, all iron-based superconductors structurally adopt FeSe-type layers with a square iron(II) lattice.


Washington, DC— For the first time, researchers, including GL's Viktor Struzhkin, have experimentally produced a new class of materials blending hydrogen with sodium that could alter the superconductivity landscape and could be used for hydrogen-fuel cell storage.

The Geophysical Laboratory's weekly seminar series continues with Matteo Calandra, CNRS Research Director, Paris.  He will present, "Hydrogen bond symmetrization by proton quantum motion and high Tc superconductivity in Sulfur hydrides at high pressure."