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GL and DTM are merging, combining our more than a century of cutting-edge studies of the natural world to allow a broader and more interdisciplinary investigation of the origin and evolution of planets and the materials from which they are made. Stay tuned for further details of the exciting synergies and new research directions we intend to pursue.

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Apply Now for Summer Internships - Application Deadline April 15, 2020

Students, are you interested in a career in science? Would you like an opportunity to be mentored by and work alongside world-renowned scientists?

Internships correspond with the academic calendar, and cover the summer period from the end of May/June 2020 through July/August 2020. The positions offer flexible work hours and duration, but with a target of a minimum of a two-month internship.

Matter at Extreme States
“Superdiamond” Carbon-Boron Cages Can Trap And Tap Into Different Properties
Carbon-boron clathrate cage with strontium inside, courtesy Tim Strobel

Washington, DC— A long-sought-after class of “superdiamond” carbon-based materials with tunable mechanical and electronic properti