Contact: Emma Bullock
Location: A-G22A

The JEOL 8530F electron probe was installed in March 2015. This field emission instrument is equipped with five spectrometers, each with two crystals, and includes an LDE6L crystal for high-precision carbon analysis. In addition, it is equipped with two EDS detectors - one JEOL EDS detector, and one Thermo Scientific EDS system operating the Noran NSS7 software. In order to minimize contamination on sample surfaces, the electron probe is equipped with an Evactron plasma cleaner, and a liquid nitrogen cold trap. The electron probe also has an Ocean Optics xCLent cathodoluminescence detector, which is capable of capturing a full light spectrum from ~300nm to ~900nm. The probe can be operated using either JEOL software, or Probe for EMPA software.