Ground Floor

R-G03, CVD chambers and sputtering (Lai)

R-G04, Electronics Shop (Lai)

R-G06, Sample polishing (Fei)

R-G08, Machine Shop (Lugo) 

R-G15, Laser cutter, diamond polishing (Lai)

R-G16, High Pressure Isotope Lab (Shahar)

R-G21, Rock Cutting, lathe, drill press (Fei)

R-G22, MA Sample Preparation (Fei)

R-G25, Multi-anvil High Pressure (Fei)


First Floor

R-108a, X-ray Diffraction Laboratory (Strobel)

R-108b, Spectroscopy and Laser Heating (Strobel)

R-109, Solid-State Synthesis (Strobel)

R-121/122, Chemistry Lab (Walter)

R-123, Ferroelectrics by design experimental laboratory (Cohen)

R-129, Laser Low Temperature/Optical (Goncharov)

R-132, Chemical Vapor Deposition (Lai)

R-137, Gas Loading (Goncharov) 

R-140, Laser Heating, spectroscopy (Goncharov)

R-145, Diamond Cell/Sample Preparation (Walter)

R-146Diamond Cell/Sample Preparation (Walter)


Second Floor

R-203, High Pressure/Temperature (Mysen)

R-206/207, High Temperature Isotope Lab (Shahar)

R-208, Sample Processing (Mysen)

R-209, Raman Spectroscopy (Mysen)

R-217, Molecular Organic Analysis (Cody) 217 form

R-221, Isotope & Organic Analysis (Cody)

R-222, NMR Spectroscopy (Cody)

R-226/R-227, Isotope and Organic Analysis (Steele)

R-228, Mass Spectrometers (Rumble)

R-232, Laser Fluorination (Rumble)

R-236, Molecular Biology Analysis (Steele)

R-237, Hydrothermal Chemistry (Foustoukos)

R-238, Imaging & Molecular Spectroscopy (Steele)

R-244, Molecular Biology Analysis (Steele)



Internally-heated pressure vessel lab (Foustoukos)


A-G22, Electron Microscopy Suite (Bullock/Vitale) Electron Probe Lab Safety form

A-G22B, Focused Ion Beam (Bullock/Vitale) FIB Safety form

A-G25, Sample Prep (Bullock/Vitale) Sample Prep Lab Safety form

A-G26, SEM (Bullock/Vitale) SEM Lab Safety form