The AGU Fall Meeting 2014 will take place in San Francisco, CA from December 14-21.  Many staff members and postdoctoral associates from the Geophysical Laboratory will attend this year.  Check here daily for live updates on each day's science presentations. For a live stream of conference photos, click here or follow along below!

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Sunday, December 14

The annual Carnegie reception at AGU was a great success!  Rick Carlson, Director DTM; George Cody, Acting Director GL; and Chris Field, Director of Global Ecology, presented brief remarks to current Carnegie staff and alumni.  The reception brought together old friends and colleagues and continues to spark collaboration between all Carnegie staff -- past and present.  Enjoy the slideshow of the event below, or view it here.

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Monday, December 15



Visiting Investigator, Dimitri Sverjensky, presented an invited talk, "Upper mantle fluids involved in diamond formation and mantle metasomatism" at the Carbon: Storage, Migration, and Outgassing within Earth and Other Planetary Bodiessession, which was convened by GL alums Sami Mikhail and Vincenzo Stagno.

Yingwei Fei, staff scientist, began the "Iron Workers" United session with his invited talk, "Multiple Experimental Efforts to Understand the Structure and Dynamics of Earth’s Core." The session was convened by GL alum Caitlin Murphy.

Carnegie fellow, Xiao-ming Liu, presented "Magnesium isotope fractionation during continental weathering" during the Deciphering Isotope Signatures of Earth Surface and Critical Zone Processes session Monday afternoon.


Carnegie fellow, Colin Jackson, presented his poster, "Noble gas transport during devolatilization of oceanic crust" to a crowd during the morning Volatile Elements and the Oceanic Crust posters session.

Bob Hazen, staff scientist, discussed his poster, "Planetary Stoichiometry, Mineral Ecology, and the Rise of Habitability" during the Rapid Environmental Change and the Fate of Planetary Habitability posters session on Monday morning.

Lei Han, Carnegie fellow, shared his poster, "Viscosity Measurements of Eclogite Melt up to 5.6 GPa and 2000 K" during the afternoon Collaborative Studies on Mantle Melting posters session.

During the afternoon poster session Carbon: Storage, Migration, and Outgassing within Earth and Other Planetary Bodies, GL alums Sami Mikhail and Vincenzo Stagno presented posters respectively titled, "Nitrogen is Not Always Noble in the Mantle," and "Growth Kinetics of a Reaction Rim Between Iron and Graphite/Diamond and the Carbon Diffusion Mechanism at High Pressure and Temperature."


Tuesday, December 16



Ileana Perez-Rodriguez, Carnegie fellow, presented her invited talk, "Metabolic Ecology of Chemosynthetic Nitrate Respiration at Deep-Sea Vents" at the Wanted, Dead or Alive: Microbes in the Subsurface morning session on Tuesday.

Carnegie fellow, Jabrane Labidi, discussed, "Sulfur isotopic fractionation during planetary differentiation" at the Accretionary and Planetary Differentiation Processes As Recorded in Early Earth and Planetary Materials session. 

Wednesday, December 17

Zachary Geballe, Carnegie fellow, presented his poster, "How to measure heat capacity of metals at 10s to 100s of GPa"during Wednesday's Planetary Materials posters session.


Thursday, December 18

CDAC partner, Lowell Miyagi, participated in the Physics and Chemistry of the Deep Earth posters session, where he discussed his poster, "Deformation and Transformation Textures in the NaMgF3 Perovskite→Post-Perovskite System."

Xiao-ming Liu presented her poster, "Tracing Earth’s O2 Evolution Using Zn/Fe Systematics in Carbonates" during the Using Sediments to Understand the Evolution of the Earth posters session on Thursday afternoon.


Friday, December 19


Neil Bennett, Carnegie fellow, shared his poster, "Element Redistribution in Fe-Ni-O Alloys by a Thermal Gradient: Implications for Siderophile Element Partitioning During Core Formation and Crystallization" during the morning poster session From Core to Crust, the Evolution of Planetary Interiors.

Carnegie fellow, Charles Le Losq, presented his poster, "Effects of chemical composition on the environments of D+ and H+ in alkali silicate glasses: with implications for D/H fractionation in magmatic processes" during the Melt, Volatiles, and the Oxidation State of Iron in Planetary Mantles afternoon posters session.

Geophysical Laboratory alum, Celia Dalou, discussed her poster, "In-situ measurements of D/H fractionation between melt and coexisting aqueous fluids in the Na2O-Al2O3-SiO2-H2O system" during the Melt, Volatiles, and the Oxidation State of Iron in Planetary Mantles session, as well.



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