Emma Bullock
Electron Microprobe Lab Manager
(202) 478-8986

Emma Bullock is the Electron Microprobe Lab Manager at the Geophysical Laboratory. She operates Carnegie's one-of-a-kind JEOL 8530 field emission electron microprobe, equipped with CL, five WDS spectrometers, two EDS detectors, a cold trap for high precision carbon analysis and Probe for EPMA software.  

Emma trains and mentors new and visiting users, and collaborates with staff and postdocs on research projects. Additionally she, along with FIB Lab Manager Suzy Vitale, provides leadership to maintain and manage the smooth operation of the Electron Microscopy Suite.

Over the course of her career, Emma has over 15 years of SEM and EMPA experience. Her research background is in the field of meteorites and the early solar system.  Prior to joining Carnegie, she was a geochemist at the Smithsonian Institution. 

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