Anat Shahar
Staff Scientist
(202) 478-8929

Anat Shahar's research focuses on stable isotope geochemistry at high pressure and/or temperature. She conducts high P/T experiments and traces the isotopes to answer questions that span from the formation of the first solids in the solar system to the formation of the cores of planets. She obtained a Ph.D. in geochemistry from UCLA in 2008, and a M.E. and B.S. from Cornell University in 2003 and 2002.

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Planetary Science
Washington, DC—New work from the Geophysical Laboratory’s Stephen Elardo and Anat Shahar shows that interactions between iron and nickel under the extreme pressures and temperatures similar to a planetary interior can help scientists understand the period in our Solar System’s youth when planets were forming and their cores were created. Their findings are published by Nature Geoscience.
The Geophysical Laboratory's Anat Shahar and Bob Hazen received the top two awards from the Mineralogical Society of America (MSA) during the Geological Society of America Annual Meeting on 27 September in Denver, CO.  Hazen and Shahar gave outstanding award lectures and join the likes of many GL alumni in each category.  Shahar received the MSA Award and Hazen received the MSA Roebling Medal. Congratulations to both on awards well deserved!
Washington, DC—New work from a research team led by the Geophysical Laboratory's Anat Shahar contains some unexpected findings about iron chemistry under high-pressure conditions, such as those likely found in the Earth’s core, where iron predominates and creates our planet’s life-shielding magnetic field.
The Geophysical Laboratory's Anat Shahar and Bob Hazen were announced as the recipients of the Mineralogical Society of America's (MSA) 2016 MSA Award and Roebling Medal, respectively.  They will receive their awards at the MSA meeting in Denver in September 2016.
Anat Shahar was awarded the Clarke Award of the Geochemical Society. It is awarded to an early-career scientist for " a single outstanding contribution to geochemistry or cosmochemistry, published either as a single paper or a series of papers on a single topic. "