Contact: Dionysis Foustoukos
Location: R-237

This is a benchtop X-ray Fluorescence EDS spectometer with a SDD detector. It is equipped with five secondary targets (Co, Pd, Mo, HOPG, Al 2 O 3 ) to improve sensitivity for the analysis of elements from Na to U. The unit has a 12-position automatic sample changer (32/40 mm) and it can operate in He atmosphere. There are many options to accommodate a variety of samples (powders, pellets, fluids, fused beads) and the system is equipped with Spectro's semi-quantitative program TurboQuant+. It can support analysis of <0.2 gr rock/mineral powders. Analytical methods developed are based on the TQ+ analysis of 72 rock reference samples for wide range of elements (Si, Al, Mg, Ca, Na, K, Fe, Ti, Mn, P, Cr, Ni, Cu, Zn, Co).

Restrictions: Special Training Required